PCC Minutes – 12 January 2021

Minutes of the meeting held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021Online Zoom Meeting

Present:Rev Julie Clarkson, John Diggles, Toby Lehmann, Paul Cochrane, Beryl James, Margaret Roberts, Andy Hargrave, Maureen Hargrave, Stephen Hogg, Gill Rawlings, Barbara Daly, Margaret Bourne
Apologies:Dorothy Bearpark
1Welcome and opening prayer. Present/Apologies 
2Minutes of last Meeting: The minutes were approved and signed as a true record.   
3Matters arising: All matters arising are included in the agenda items.     
5Finance Report / Share Paul gave an overview of the most recent financial situation. After a very difficult 2020, he was pleased to report that giving was a commendable £21,000 and it was agreed that he should pay up to £10,000 towards the Share.   Paul said that there were some big bills expected in the near future.  He also reported that the architect’s fee was overdue.   £1,500 was sent to The Children’s Society.   
6Fabric Elsie Twistleton LegacyTrees  Memorial area Stations of the Cross Work on all of the above projects were given the go ahead at the PCC meeting in December 2020. Due to the Christmas period, work on the faculty was delayed. Julie, John and Toby are to meet online to agree progress the work and will report at the next PCC. Sanctuary ceiling – A visit has been arranged by Lynn Northrop to look at the ceiling problem. John said that in addition, she would take a look at a new problem of falling masonry from the tower.     
7Safeguarding No safeguarding issues to reportJulie mentioned that a section on Safeguarding had been added to the new website. Stephen stressed that this should be visible on the front page.   
8Health and Safety Toby said that in future a risk assessment should be conducted before putting the Christmas decorations in place as this past Christmas one of the decorations caught fire. Luckily, this was quickly extinguished.Covid updates – Currently in ‘Lockdown 3’. Julie had sent out several options to all members of the PCC prior to the meeting so that consideration could be given as to whether the church should close for services/private prayer. After a broad discussion, which considered the benefits to the community and the risk to parishioners, visitors and volunteer cleaners, it was agreed that the church would close for public worship. However, the service should take place without the congregation present and that it would be streamed online via the YouTube Channel. The church will only be open for private prayer on Sunday afternoons and will remain closed all week.     
9Mission – Julie reported that the Christmas event for the Stepping Stones families had gone very well and that she would like to arrange future events with them in mind. An ideal event would be a Christingle at Candlemas but it was uncertain whether this would go ahead due to the covid pandemic. Possibly have an addendum that lockdown will prevent this from going ahead.   
11Correspondence: Regular covid updates via diocesan emails. These are in the public domain.   
12One Minute Matters (A.O.B): Website – Julie reported that the new website (www.settlechurch.uk) was nearing its completion.Foodbank – Julie mentioned that she had attended the town Cobra meeting and that there were plans to introduce a ‘Pop-up Pantry’ (Food Bank) in Settle which was being supported by Age UK. Julie told the committee that she had expressed an interest in the potential of using Holy Ascension Church and that she would find out more about it and update.Falling masonry – See mention in Item 5.2, above Quinquennial – Reminder that the Quinquennial is due this year.       

The meeting closed with the Grace at 8:45pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 23 February 2021